(Testosterone Mixture)

Omnadren is a four ester testosterone mixture originally brought to the market by Jelfa Pharmaceuticals out Poland, and for all intense purposes is virtually identical to the Organon four ester testosterone mixture Sustanon-250. Both Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are comprised of two small esters and two larger; the difference in the two compounds is Omnadren carries the large Caproate ester where Sustanon-250 carries the massive Decanoate ester; all the other esters are the same. With massive popularity in Europe in the early years, it wasnít too long after that nearly every underground lab on the market was making Omnadren, and you bet, this made it one commonly counterfeited testosterone. In the modern era, itís not as big of a problem; itís not an expensive compound to make, and itís just as easy to make the real thing as it is too counterfeit it. Of course, counterfeits do still exist and they always will, but high quality Omnadren isnít hard to find.

As it is comprised of four varying esters, Omnadren can present a benefit in that it doesnít necessarily have to be injected all that often; for testosterone replacement like purposes or mild cycles it could actually be injected once every 12 to 14 days. Through this action, youíll receive a testosterone benefit right from the start due to the Propionate ester, and youíll still receive a testosterone benefit nearly two weeks later due to the Caproate ester. Even so, for extreme performance enhancement, this wonít do; such performance will require every other day injections or at least three equal injections per week. The reason it must be more frequent is again due to the ester mixture, and if you are to keep testosterone levels not only stable but stable at their peak youíll need more frequent injections.


As for the benefits of Omnadren, they are of a pure testosterone nature, and this makes Omnadren a good call for any cycle; this is not a common testosterone that is prescribed as itís not even manufactured in the U.S. by an FDA approved compounding facility. For the off-season athlete, Omnadren will promote significant gains in mass and strength, and it will enable you to make such progress with less fat accumulation than you would otherwise. For the cutting phase, this is once again a perfect choice as the testosterone hormone is an excellent preserver of muscle tissue and strength, a fantastic metabolic enhancer, and not to mention, one of the most well-tolerated anabolic hormones of all time in healthy adult men.

Of course, like all anabolic steroids, Omnadren does carry possible side-effects that will surround aromatase, and it will be suppressive to your natural testosterone production. Thankfully, the aromatizing effects are easy to control, combat and even avoid with proper use, and even testosterone suppression is of no concern when proper procedures are followed. At any rate, most healthy adult men will find they need approximately 500mg per week to receive a true performance benefit with 1,000mg per week being as far as most will ever need to go; such a dose should be reserved for the experienced and only for those of a hardcore nature.

With all of this in mind, letís take a look at everything you need to know about Omnadren; itís all here, and each link will provide you with every last thing you need to know. In any case, what youíll find is one high quality anabolic steroid, but most importantly, youíll be able to determine if Omnadren supplementation is right for you. Most healthy adult men will be able to benefit tremendously, but there are exceptions and you need to be aware of all factors that may come into play.