Effects of Omnadren

The effects of Omnadren, theyíre powerful and tremendously beneficial. And while the profile page explains a lot, we want to go into a little more detail, specifically, we want to look at the effects of Omnadren in a more practical way so that you understand what youíre getting into. Through our discussion we will only be concerned with the positive effects of Omnadren. For information on the adverse effects of Omnadren, please see the side effects link.

The Effects of Omnadren on Mass:

The effects of Omnadren on muscle mass, specifically its promotion, are fairly easy to understand. Testosterone is responsible for the building and maintaining of muscle largely through its correlating relationship with protein. As testosterone levels increase, this increases the rate of protein synthesis; the rate by which cells build proteins. Why is this important? Itís important because proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Further, the increased levels of the primary male androgen promote an anti-catabolic state by promoting enhanced nitrogen retention and the inhibition of glucocorticoid hormones. This allows our body to put more energy into more positive roles. Of course, it all goes much deeper than that. We havenít even mentioned the IGF-1 role; however, in simple terms, the effects of Omnadren on muscle mass are second to none.


The Effects of Omnadren on the Metabolism:

Testosterone is rarely thought of as a cutting steroid, but the effects of Omnadren on the metabolism can greatly promote such an end. By its nature, testosterone binds fairly well to the androgen receptor and such action will directly promote lipolysis. Further, the overall metabolic rate is directly enhanced, nutrient absorption is improved, and less is stored as body fat. Combined with the inhibition of glucocorticoids, the overall metabolic atmosphere is superiorly enhanced. Are there other steroids that have a greater impact on the metabolism? Of course! However, the effects of Omnadren in this category should not be underestimated.

The Effects of Omnadren on Endurance & Recovery:

The effects of Omnadren on endurance and recovery are nowhere near as exciting as those of an anabolic nature, but they are probably the most important. Through the effects of Omnadren and the resulting increased testosterone levels, our red blood cell count is greatly enhanced. As a result, the blood oxygenation level goes up, and this provides greater muscular endurance and even aids in recovery to a degree. Of course, the protein related effects of Omnadren and inhibition of glucocorticoids also promote faster recovery. This is where increases in IGF-1 truly become valuable. IGF-1 is a powerful anabolic hormone of the peptide class that all humans produce that effects nearly every cell in the body. While having an important anabolic role to play, IGF-1 also plays an imperative role on our bodyís healing process; especially muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons. In any case, when it comes to the effects of Omnadren on endurance and recovery and when it comes to performance enhancement, this is performance enhancement at its best.