Buy Omnadren

If you decide to buy Omnadren, you have made a fantastic choice when it comes to a testosterone mixture. Virtually identical to the popular Sustanon 250 compound, the only difference between the two is the largest ester in the four-part ester combo. Both compounds are comprised of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone Isocaproate; however, Omnadren also carries the large Caproate ester while Sustanon 250 carries the massive Decanoate ester. While virtually the same, those who decide to buy Omnadren will find it comes with a bit of good and bad news. The good news is itís normally a great deal cheaper than Sustanon 250, but the bad news is itís counterfeited far more often. With this in mind, letís look at all you need to know before you make a purchase, and in doing so youíll be able to buy Omnadren with confidence each and every time.

Buy Omnadren Ė Real Omnadren:

Omnadren was first brought to the market by Jelfa Pharmaceuticals out of Poland and rapidly rose in popularity all throughout Europe. For quite some time this was a rare testosterone compound in the U.S. but in recent years numerous underground labs (UGLíS) have begun to carry their own manufactured product. Even so, what makes Omnadren unique has nothing to do with the testosterone hormone itself but rather the precise combination of esters in a precise dosing. In-order to buy Omnadren, real Omnadren the compound must be comprised as follows:

  • Testosterone Propionate Ė 30mg/ml
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate Ė 60mg/ml
  • Testosterone Isocaproate Ė 60mg/ml
  • Testosterone Caproate Ė 100mg/ml

If you buy Omnadren and its composition does not follow the precise makeup as listed above, while it may be a fantastic testosterone product itís not Omnadren and such mislabeled products hit the market every day. For example, itís not uncommon for some UGLís to mix one large and small ester based testosterone together and call it Omnadren; however, thatís not what you paid for. To make matters worse, while those who buy Omnadren over Sustanon 250 havenít spent as much money theyíve spent more than they would have for a single ester testosterone compound but havenít received what they paid for.

Due to this UGL problem, in most cases youíll need to do some extensive homework on a particular UGL before you every make a purchase. This means visiting numerous steroid related message boards and consumer review sites, if not, the odds are strong when you buy Omnadren it wonít be Omnadren at all.

Buy Omnadren or Sustanon 250?

It is one of the longest standing arguments among steroid users and heavily so on steroid message boards; which one is better, Omnadren or Sustanon 250? Those who regularly buy Omnadren will swear up and down itís the more potent and powerful compound while the opposite will say the same, but this raises a question, whoís right? The simple answer, theyíre both right as both are high quality testosterone compounds and the same results can be obtained with either form. In the end it all boils down to the quality, availability and price of the product and nothing more.

Buy Omnadren Legally:

If you live in the United States you cannot legally buy Omnadren. In the U.S. anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances and in-order to purchase and possess them you must obtain a legal prescription. While testosterone is prescribed regularly in the U.S. Omnadren is not. In the U.S. the common injectable testosterones prescribed include Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. For this reason, if you want to buy Omnadren the only way youíll be able to do so is on the black market and you must understand the severe consequences of a legal nature that may come about due to such a purchase.